Each year during the month of June, Valvoline celebrates Safety Month. We take this time to encourage our employees to follow and adopt safe practices at work and home.
In 2018, we conducted a companywide “Safety Selfie” scontest where our employees took selfies showing an action or behavior they or their family takes to be safe. We had nearly 100 selfies submitted.
Please view the safety selfies below to learn various steps you can take to be safe at work, home or play.

  • Ashish Singhal
    Gurugram, Haryana, India

    Your head isn’t a nutmeg, Always wear a helmet! So, avoid the threat, As it is something you won’t regret. Regardless, whether you’re on four wheels or on two – when on road: always make safety, your priority. Protect yourself, protect your head.

  • Kevin Meyers
    Columbus, Ohio

    Always keep a safe distance in front of you. Even when dotting the "i"!

  • Greg VanPelt

    Straping in freight in back of truck

  • Gary Boyd

    Back up light and camera onn forklift

  • Walter Dean Jenkins

    2 Hands on the wheel and seat belt

  • Dean Jenkins

    Seat belt

  • Jimmy Verrico

    Fork lift seat belt

  • Jerry Gross

    Dean Jenkins Seat belt and 2 hands on the wheel

  • Adya Roy
    Deer Park, TX

    At an intersection, always look 4 ways, and watch out for all traffic. If in a plant, ensure eye contact with forklift drivers before indicating or communicating your intentions.

  • Mark Rangel
    Deer Park, TX

    Always ensure, no matter what vehicle you are in, that you have your license with you and are properly belted in.

  • Peter Slijkhuis
    Dordrecht, The Netherlands

    Be prepared when driving! Always wear your seat belt. Ensure Clear Vision: Sunny? Sun Glasses might help for a better view. Frozen or dirty windows? Have them defrosted and cleaned before you take off!

  • Michael Pincott
    Wetherill Park, NSW , Australia

    When i get a notifications, I always enjoy completing #VVV 's online driver training program.

  • Clay Safi
    Wetherill Park NSW Australia

    Everytime i park my car at work, I make sure i park in a secure designated parking space.

  • David Malouf
    Wetherill Park, Australia

    I always use my seatbelt on a forklift to keep me in my seat incase of an emergency.

  • David Malouf
    Wetherill Park, Australia

    I always use 3 points on contact when entering and exiting a forklift.

  • Joe Luckey
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

    When preparing forklifts always wear proper PPE

  • Rick Smith
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

    Embrace challenges in life but never with a train. It will be the last challenge you will ever make! Stop at all Rail Road crossings.

  • Adya Roy
    Deer Park, TX

    Always make sure to inspect your forklift or any vehicle prior to driving it. Things like brake lights/ reverse lights can be the "BRAKING point" before an accident.

  • Robert Moody
    Noblesville, IN

    The Five Keys To Safe Driving Aim High In Steering Look at least 15 seconds into your future, not just at the vehicle in front of you. Get the Big Picture Look for hazards. (Other Motorists, Pedestrians, Vehicle doors opening, etc.) Keep Your Eyes Moving Don’t stare. Use your peripheral vision. Stop the fixed habit stare. Leave Yourself an Out Monitor the space cushion around you. Make Sure They See You Use your signals. (Directionals, 4-way Flashers, Head Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Hand Signals.) Make eye contact.

  • McKenzie
    College Park, GA

    Always make sure to do a visual inspection of your rental car before taking off to your final destination, you may notice more important issues like a flat tire or loose bumper or small ones like this scratch.

  • Paul Battle
    Rochester, PA

    Always check the tire tread, windshield washer fluid, wipers and general operation of a rental car before taking it off the lot! If you have questions, ask an attendant (and while you're at it, maybe ask for a hybrid and save some gas).

  • Joseph Bell
    Willow Springs, IL

    Make sure blue light on fork lifts are in working condition. They are a helpful tool that helps let warehouse pedestrians know a forklift is approaching and is in the area.

  • Sterling Winters
    Willow Springs, IL

    Always use your horn on the forklift when approaching blind spots, stops and corners also when entering and exiting trucks.

  • Tony Lombardo
    Rochester, PA

    Ensuring jack stands are in place under the nose of a drop trailer to prevent potential tipping

  • Dean Gross
    Rochester, PA

    Always use three points of contact when entering or exiting a vehicle.

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